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Objectives of Acupressure club

To spread awareness of acupressure and its benefits to mankind.             Make it simple and easy for everyone to practice by providing online support. Organizing training programs. Conducting seminars and free treatment camps.

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How to Stay Healthy?


The basic aim of any action of human beings is to achieve happiness or to avoid misery. Everybody wants to avoid ill-health and wants to posses good health for ever. But life is a paradox. What we want we cannot possess, what we possess we cannot enjoy, what we enjoy, will not last long. Health is not merely the absence of disease in the body; it is the well being of the person not only at the physical level but also at the mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels. If the well being at all these levels is  positive and increasing, man can reach divine health from normal health. But if the well being is negative at any level, it produces sickness. The main aim is to remain healthy once we attain that stage of normal health.


Imbalance at any level is disease. 'Dis-ease' of  the mind becomes disease of the body. The imbalance of 'pranic' energy over a period of time percolates down to physical body as disease. Yogic texts say that disease can be divided into two categories- ordinary and essential. Essential diseases are believed to have come from the rebirth and the remedy suggested is self realization. The ordinary diseases are further divided into two- disease due to external  factors and disease due to internal factors. Any infection or injury comes from external factors for which suggested remedy is medicines. Whereas, the internal factors are the likes and dislikes of the mind which disturb the life force and produce imbalance at the 'pranic' level which shows up as disease at the physical level.

In the spiritual level, the energy is still and no movement takes place. Whereas, in the intellectual level, the energy is channelized in the right direction. It is in the mental frame that disturbance starts with likes and dislikes, which disturb the prana (life energy). The stressful situation is conceived by the mind. Our mind recognizes the input through the five senses, compares the input with stored input in the brain cells which produce sensations in the body and finally reacts depending on the situation. Most of the present day diseases are psychosomatic and arise due to stressful situations in the modern world.

How to overcome disease and stay healthy

The formula to stay healthy can be summarized as Relaxation, Exercise, Diet, Proper breathing, Positive thinking and Meditation in the daily routine of life. A relaxed person will have a calmer attitude, gives priority to recreation and makes living more enjoyable. Regular exercise improves physical condition, raises energy level, burns more calories, induces gradual weight reduction to help you stay healthy. A healthy diet increases energy level and good eating habits become easier to maintain over time.

Proper breathing gives maximum comfort and energy to a person. Normally, a person uses only up to 500 cc of air from the lungs as compared to 3000 cc capacity available. With the simple diaphragmatic breathing known as stomach breathing, the lung capacity can be almost doubled. Early morning deep breathing in open space brings an exhilarating feeling. Learning and practicing 'pranayama' daily for ten minutes is a worthwhile investment in order to stay healthy .Thinking positively, particularly about health sends a subtle message to the sub-conscious mind to correct the imbalances in the body. It is worth writing a positive health note and reading it daily before going to bed everyday.

Meditating for twenty minutes daily gives the required deep relaxation to correct all the imbalances.

One can easily take up simple healing techniques like reflexology, acupressure and other available alternate therapies and press the tone-up points any time of the day, while at work or at home, and stay healthy for over.

Health is not a commodity that can be bought. Health is a treasure one has to strive for and achieve. 'Intelligent living' is the ultimate secret for anyone who wants to be healthy and stay healthy.