Dr.H.Bhojraj B.E.(Hons),M.D.(Acu)

Single point solutions Ready Reference for common ailments

Note: Acupressure points to be activated : Press and release 14 times.Breath in while pressing,breath out while releasing.

1.Hyper Acidity:

LI-4 located on the hand on the web of the thumb and index finger.Useful for headaches,back pain,eye problems,cold etc., also.

2. Breathing Difficulties:

LU-7 located on the wrist two fingers below the base of the thumb.
Also useful for cold,cough headache,hiccups,chest pain,wrist and elbow problems., etc.

3. Depression:

P-6 located on the inner side of the forearm,three fingers below wrist joint.
Useful for arm problems,asthma,feet problems,migraine,low blood pressure, sleeplessness,vomiting,restlessness,rheumatism,shoulder problems,sweating,wrist problems.

4. Leg Pain:

ST-36 located on the leg,four fingers from the end of the knee cap.
Also useful for tonsils,rheumatism,appendicitis,fatigue,headache etc.,

5. Back Pain:

B-40 located at the back of the Knee.Useful for genito-urinal problems,colic pain,shoulder problems also.

6. Mensus Problems:

SP-6 located on the leg,three fingers from the protruding ankle bone ,towards calf muscle.

7. Body Pain:

Divine Gate is located on the ear,just at the end of the spine reflex area.
Useful for any pain in the body.

8. Asthma Attack:

B-13 approximately two finger wide on either side,from the third thoracic vertebrae.Activate one point at a time for effective relief.

9. Heart Attack:

H-9 is at root of the nail on the little finger (left or right).Activate this point any time when discomfort is felt on the chest.

10. High Blood Pressure:

GV-20 is situated at the crossing point of the line drawn from the center of the ears and the mid-line of the skull.
Also useful to reduce the stress.

11. Irregular Mensus:

CV-4 is at four fingers width down the naval.Activate this point for one minute,twice a day,every day.
Useful for ladies for relieving pains during heavy periods.This point can also correct irregular menstrual periods.

12. Constipation:

CV-25 is situated below the center of the lower lip and chin.Activate this point once or twice a day.