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Objectives of Acupressure club

To spread awareness of acupressure and its benefits to mankind.             Make it simple and easy for everyone to practice by providing online support. Organizing training programs. Conducting seminars and free treatment camps.

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Why Alternate Therapy?

Health is not merely the absence of diseases but well being, not only on physical level but also on mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels. The concept of treating the body as an assembly of separate, independent parts, hitherto adopted by the medical world has been proven wrong and the new concept of treating the body as an indivisible unit is gaining momentum in all parts of the world.

Medication can relieve pain or give a sense of comfort only till the inner intelligence balances the system and completely alleviates the disease. Many of the modern day health problems are psychosomatic, where the mind plays an important role. Dis-ease of mind becomes disease in the physical body. Side effects of the present day prescription drugs, some so very harmful, are very well known to doctors and to many of the patients who suffer them.

The simple healing system which is known as Drugless Therapy consists of Acupressure, Zone therapy, Reflexology, Magneto therapy, Color therapy, Pyramidology and Nature cure to name a few. It offers an opportunity to reduce the intake of medication and provides a cure for many day-to-day ailments. The holistic approach adopted by such simple alternate therapies offers the common man a wonderful tool for healing oneself and family members.

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. People all over the world understand the importance of health and take preventive care, so that they live in good health throughout their life. The necessity of equilibrium of the body, mind and soul to stay healthy is well understood by the modern scientists and doctors. There is no doubt that the system of Allopathy with its astounding scientific achievements serves the man with fantastic results. But the common man, with a minimum knowledge of his own healing mechanism can certainly avoid taking large doses of medication over a long period of time to cure common ailments. He has an opportunity to find the cure by practicing such simple healing systems.

According to Chinese Acupuncture Theory the incoming primary energy which is called ‘Qi’ (pronounced as ‘Chi’) enters the body and is distributed through ‘Chakras’ which act as regulators and leaves the body as outgoing energy. In yogic texts this primary energy is known as 'Prana’. This holistic approach treats the triangle of body, mind and soul which are the main components of life. Any factor affecting the energy field affects the balance and in turn the general health. Imbalance may be caused by blockage or leakage of energy in a particular channel or meridian. Blockage or leakage of energy is mainly caused by tension and stress of everyday life and negative feelings or thoughts.

According to Acupressure theory, if the blockages or leakages are removed by applying rhythmic pressure on specific points then the energy flow is normalized or restored. The physical energy and mental level have to be balanced for us to stay healthy. Balance is health and imbalance is disease.