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Objectives of Acupressure club

To spread awareness of acupressure and its benefits to mankind.             Make it simple and easy for everyone to practice by providing online support. Organizing training programs. Conducting seminars and free treatment camps.

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Guidelines for Self Treatment

> Soreness or pain is common at most points and does not by itself indicate any abnormality.

> Never treat any specific illness but give importance to those specific points.

> Share your knowledge and encourage self-help technique.

> Look out for any visible abnormality in feet and hands.

> Pleasurable pain should be the goal; intersperse the acupressure sessions with relaxation techniques.

> Never work on affected areas; keep your finger-nails trimmed so that they do not make any contact with the skin.

> Although one can use health gadgets, there is no substitute for human hand and human touch.

> Never try to do all at once. Each treatment can be done for ten to twenty minutes and the results are expected within four to eight weeks. Severe problems will take a longer time.

> Consistency and regularity are essential to get results. Twice a week is recommended for the frequency of        treatment.

> Occasionally, the body may react to get ride of the toxins accumulated in the body.  

> It is safe for people of all ages.

> Apply light pressure on the feet of the infants and soothing pressure for the old people.

> Finally, belief in oneself is very important for the success of the treatment.