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Patientís Name: Mr. Ravikumar
Age : 27 yrs

Mr. Ravikumar used to experience anxiety attacks, which led to sleeplessness. The right side of his body would tense up and he also used to get palpitation   and the fear of collapsing. Sleeping tablets did not help him much after the     first few months of his problem.

He was treated in May 2000 for Yin wind reduction, which helped him sleep better on subsequent days without the help of sleeping tablets. The treatment was repeated twice within a month. His anxiety attacks have stopped and he is more cheerful.


Patientís Name : S. Ramaswamy
Age : 51 yrs.

Mr. Ramaswamy Ďs sugar level was observed to be above normal in one of his routine medical check-ups conducted in 1991 and he was advised by his doctor to diet along with regular exercise. In May 2000, his blood test revealed sugar level at 210mg. He was prescribed medication which had to be taken every day for the rest of his life.

He was given Yin Humidity increase in the same month and was asked to check his sugar  level after 15 days. According to him on the second day he felt energetic and the sugar level had come down to 150 mg. After two months his pathological tests revealed Prandial Blood Sugar at 140 mg and urine sugar was absent.

With one sitting of treatment, he now controls his diabetes without any medication and continues to walk regularly.


Patientís Name : Mr. Sivaraman
Age : 40 yrs

Mr. Sivaraman experienced unbearable heel pain in June 2000 and he could      not walk properly even for a few minutes. The X-ray image revealed an extra  bone growth on both the heels and he was prescribed painkillers. He was       asked to prepare himself for a minor surgery to remove the extra growth on the heel.

The first treatment in June 2000 was Yin coldness reduction, which gave him immediate relief, and he stopped the pain relieving tables. The second     treatment session was a repetition of the first after a gap of 15 days. In the   third treatment session, Yang coldness was reduced based on pulse diagnosis. Mr. Shivaraman has never experienced heel pain again and he was advised to take another X-ray to check the status of the bone growth.


Patientís Name :R. Anil Kumar
Age :32 yrs

Mr. Anil Kumarís problem began with a cold in January of 2000 with running nose, sneezing, blocked nose, burning eyes and ear pain. He was given antibiotics continuously for four months. He experienced sharp pain on the left side of the abdomen and was again given antibiotics for urinary tract infection. The test for kidney function was also normal. Subsequently, diarrhoea and vomiting started and he was referred to a gastro-intestinal specialist. He was diagnosed with IBS and he was asked to take regular medication for a few months.

He was given Yang coldness reduction in the large intestine during the first treatment and subsequently Yin dryness reduction was given during two more sittings. He was also advised to do oil pulling therapy, Swaiso exercise and   immune system work-out. His overall health improved and the abdominal pain has come down. He is off medication for the past eight months after 11      courses of antibiotics taken in a span of six months in 1999.


Patient's Name: Mrs.Hema
Age:28 Yrs

Mrs. Hema used to suffer from severe back pain just behind the ribs and the   pain radiated down to the bottom of the spine. She used to control the pain with painkillers but finally, a kidney specialist observed small stones in the kidney through ultrasound scanning. He advised surgery to remove the stones.

During the first sitting in April 2000, Yin Coldness reduction treatment was given. Her back pain reduced considerably. In May 2000, the same treatment was repeated. She observed that her urine was dark in colour and smelled foul for a few days after the second session. The concentrated stones melted and passed out in the urine. Her back pain vanished and one more scan confirmed  that no stones were present in the kidney.


Patientís Name: Mrs. Bhargavi
Age : 35 yrs

In one of my Acupressure training classes, a person asked me about the   effective points to treat his wife, who was suffering from low Blood Pressure.  I asked him to activate CV-17 at the end of the sternum and the H-9 point on the little finger. He used acupressure on these two points daily and checked her Blood Pressure with their doctor after two weeks. The doctor observed that her Blood Pressure had become normal (120/80) and he encouraged her to continue the self-treatment.


Patientís Name: Mrs. Uma Arvind
Age : 48 yrs

Mrs. Uma suffered from migraine headache for ten years and had visited many Neuro-specialists for a cure. The doctors advised her to treat her unbearable throbbing pain as her friend and learn to live with that pain forever. She was crestfallen and in disbelief!

She was given Yang Wind increase as the first treatment and the same was repeated after a month. The difference was immediately noticeable and she     was advised to activate those points as preventive therapy.

Now the headaches do come once in a while but the intensity is negligible.      She has not taken any medication after the first treatment for headache.


Patientís Name: Mrs. Parimalavalli
Age: 35 yrs

Mrs. Parimalavalli used to get terrible neck and shoulder pain once in a while and she could control the pain with pain-relieving tablets. In July 2000 she had unbearable neck pain radiating down to the shoulder and was not able to  work. She had undergone traction and short wave therapy but the pain    persisted.

In the first and second sessions of treatment she was given Yang coldness increase. In the third session Yin coldness increase. In the fourth session Yin humidity reduction and in the final sitting Yin wind increase. The intensity of    pain gradually reduced and she got complete relief after two months. She was able to work normally and has not taken any medication after the second sitting.


Patientís Name: Smruti Palyam
Age: 16 yrs

Ms. Smruti had developed piles and she observed bleeding for a few days. The treatment given was Yang humidity reduction in the large intestine meridien. The pain reduced immediately after the treatment and within two days the piles had completely vanished, according to the patient.


Patientís Name : Dr. Venugopal            
Age : 44 yrs 

Dr.Venugopal had a skin problem in the head region and on the elbows. The     skin used to become rough and flake out after some time. He was under regular treatment with allopathic drugs including steroid ointments for nearly 10 years.

Earlier he was treated for back pain with acupressure and he is almost relieved of it for the last 5 years.

In early 2000 he approached me for his psoriasis problem and Yin dryness reduction was adopted for 10 sittings at intervals of 15 days. He stopped   applying steroid ointment from the first day of the treatment. He started observing the flare up during the first month. His skin on the skull region    became almost normal after 6 months and the elbow patches have considerably reduced.


Patient's Name: Anantharamu
Age : 35 yrs

Mr.Anantharamu was suffering from sinusitis for about a year and had taken   all types of medicines prescribed by Allopathic doctors. The ENT specialist  advised him to undergo surgery and he decided to try acupuncture treatment instead.

Yin Dryness reduction was the first treatment which aggravated his symptoms. The repetition has given him total relief from his sinus problem. He has learnt how to get rid of occasional nose blocks and cold through acupressure.


Patientís Name: Mr. Subba Rao
Age: 35 yrs

Mr. Subba Rao used to experience constant throat irritation for long periods of time and it used to increase whenever he was exposed to wind or even to the ceiling fan while sleeping. He was given Yin dryness reduction in July 2000 and he got rid of the throat irritation. He observed that he could sleep with the fan on and without any throat irritation.