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Objective of Acupressure club

To spread awareness of acupressure and its benefits to mankind.             Make it simple and easy for everyone to practice by providing online support. Organizing training programs. Conducting seminars and free treatment camps.

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The Tone-up Workout

Seven minutes - three times a week

Every facet of life, from mental health to longevity, is affected by physical fitness. People who are not fit are fatigued more often, are not as mentally efficient, and succumb more frequently to colds and flu for longer lengths of time, than those who stay in shape. This is particularly true of people in sedentary jobs who believe they are too tired or too busy to exercise.

The physical benefits of exercise are readily apparent in good muscle tone, a trim figure, increased stamina, and improved co-ordination. Furthermore, exercise creates a feeling of well-being that enhances efficiency and reduces stress. Generally, life feels better in a well-toned body, one that is healthy, alert, and comfortable to bear.

The Tone-up workout stimulates the skeletal structure, the muscles, and nervous system, as well as the major joints in the body. Begin with the first reflex area listed below, working on your left hand. Then move to the same reflex area on your right hand. Continue alternating the reflexes on the left and right as you work them in the order listed below. Be sure to co-ordinate the pressure with your breathing and visualize the body parts you are stimulating.

1. The Solar Plexus Reflexes 2. The Adrenal Gland Reflexes. 3. The Arm and Shoulder Reflexes. 4. The Spine Reflexes. 5. The Hip, Thigh, and Leg Reflexes. 6. The Sciatic Nerve Reflexes.