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Objective of Acupressure club

To spread awareness of acupressure and its benefits to mankind.             Make it simple and easy for everyone to practice by providing online support. Organizing training programs. Conducting seminars and free treatment camps.

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The Weight Control Workout

Seven minutes - daily

Significant weight gain tends to take place at particular times in life: men tend to gain weight between the ages of twenty-five and forty, with a significant increase after the age of 40; women tend to gain weight after their twenties, during pregnancy, and during menopause. Yet the most common reason for weight gain is eating too many calories and not being able to metabolize or burn them off. These excess calories are then stored in the body as fat.

The weight control workout stimulates the organs of the digestive system that help regulate nutritional intake and speed up the elimination processes. Start with the first reflex area listed below on the left hand, then move over to the same area on the right hand. Co-ordinate the pressure with your breathing and visualize the parts of the body you are stimulating.

The sequence
1. The solar plexus reflexes. 2. The stomach reflexes. 3. The pancreas reflexes. 4. The gall bladder reflex. 5. The adrenal gland reflexes. 6. The intestine reflexes.